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April 20, 2009
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Here is a section of a scene I put together to stretch my ideas with my project. This is just a small piece to tell myself I could do it, and experiment.

The Scene: It's at the begining, Cyclonus, Soundwave, Galvatron, and a couple Sweeps are looking for "Isodryte".

Cyclonus says:
..... With the isodryte to repair our weaponry, we'll do just that.

And Galvy is flying (thru space) beside his commander going off on his little rant.
"And then crush the Autobots to scrap! Crush the Earth and its puny humanity! Crush anyone, anything that dares to oppose us!!"

The original scene isn't too much different. I put a new front view on it. And at beats in his raving, I make him emote more than the original cartoon by turning his head and making him shake it. In the original it's a pretty static piece, just some glowies and not much else. I figured he needs to shake his head because he's glitching so badly. Oh yes, and some electrics around his eyes. Makes me wonder if it hurts Galvy or what - hard to tell with a Mech. If anything it causes him a lot of static.

This was done with a mix of Flash tricks and traditional hand drawn animation frames. The head turns, the shake, that's all traditional animation. The more subtle stuff is Flash helping out.

Lip Syncing is harder than it looks. I didn't get to use a tool program - I had to put in the mouths individually at the right spots (approx) - I got most of it right.

This will be fun!

Give a huge amount of credit to the incredible Frank Welker! He does such an awesome job with Galvy's acting in this episode. It needs the animation and emotion to go with his incredible voice job. I like how much acting he actually put into the character, that was highly unusual for most cartoons.
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Gatana Apr 20, 2009
:jawdrop: that...was epic
CreeperSpaniel Apr 20, 2009
wow this is awesome! how long did it take to get it done? the animation looks great. what program did you use?
HawksComm Apr 22, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks, I worked on the animation over the weekend. It was about - Sat/Sun. So 2 days - I guess. I'm just kinda working on the whole project bit by bit. In little chunks. Makes it less overwhelming that way.
CreeperSpaniel Apr 23, 2009
cool. wow. it would probably take me longerXD lol what program do you use? you are very welcome^^ keep up the good work. i would love to see the rest!:clap:
Hope you don't mind me answering this question, by the looks of things the program used is Flash (I've used it all last year and the year before):)
CreeperSpaniel Apr 26, 2009
totally fine with it^^ ya, it looks a bit like it^^ thanks for the reply^^
No problem mate, it kinda gets hammered into your head once in a while :XD: ;)
LaDarkA117 Apr 20, 2009  Student Filmographer
:wow: thats realy good:nod: like galvy 's face lol
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